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Title Insurance

An owner’s title insurance policy is an inexpensive policy that protects you against defects in the title to your property. A title policy insures against events that occurred in the past of the real property and the people who owned it, for a one-time premium paid at closing. Rushing Law Firm is an attorney member of Attorney’s Title Fund Services and writes its title policies through Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.

Closing Services

Closing services include all the actions that Rushing Law Firm takes to ensure that your closing day is a smooth, stress free process.  Some of these services include preparing a title search and title policies, obtaining loan payoffs, association estoppels, surveys, termite inspections, and property tax information, working with lenders to satisfy loan requirements, preparing documents for closing, and recording the deed and disbursing funds post-closing.

Escrow Services

Escrow refers to the process in which the funds of a transaction are held by a third party, often the title company or an attorney in the case of real estate, pending the fulfillment of the transaction.  Rushing Law Firm will act as an escrow agent holding client funds in an attorney trust account for closing.  The funds are then credited to the parties at closing.

Corporate Formations & Transactions

Rushing Law Firm offers incorporations and creation of business entities as well as advice on which business vehicle would work best for the client’s needs.  We can prepare the necessary documents to establish the entity and provide advice on strategies to protect the clients’ interests.

Short Sale Negotiations

Rushing Law Firm is retained by the seller to assist with short sale negotiations. We work closely with the client to present timely and accurate information to the lender throughout the short sale process. Rushing Law Firm provides weekly updates to the client, Listing Agent and Selling Agent.  We have had great success negotiating clients’ deficiency balances.

1031 Tax Exchanges

A 1031 real estate tax exchange is an excellent idea for people looking to sell real estate that has increased substantially in value, but who do not want to pay taxes on the profits. By working with a qualified intermediary, sellers can take the full proceeds of the sale and reinvest the money in another property and pay no taxes on the transaction.  Rushing Law Firm has significant experience with 1031 tax exchanges. We can help clients determine whether a 1031 tax exchange is a viable option.